Intangible Cultural Heritage of Asia and the Pacific


ICHCAP publishes the ICH Courier quarterly to provide news and information related to intangible cultural heritage in the Asia-Pacific region. The print publication is distributed to relevant ICH institutes, UNESCO offices and centers, and other interested organizations and individuals, and the web version gives global exposure to important issues related to ICH. ICHCAP is currently accepting abstracts between 100 and 200 words to explore topics for upcoming volumes. For the completed published article, ICHCAP will provide an honorarium. All submissions should be in English. Below are the sections for which we are currently accepting abstracts.

Section Descriptions and Word Counts

Descriptions about the individual sections of the ICH Courier and the required word counts for the final articles are available below.

Safeguarding Activities

Word Count: 1,200 to 1,500
Safeguarding Activities showcases good examples of safeguarding practices in the Asia-Pacific region.

ICH Communities

Word Count: 900 to 1,200
ICH Communities explores the roles of individual bearers and communities in the Asia-Pacific region who are working to safeguard ICH.

Safeguarding Pioneers

Word Count: 700 to 800
Safeguarding Pioneers highlights the safeguarding work of an institute in the Asia-Pacific region.

Final Submission Package

After abstracts are accepted, the editorial staff will be in touch to confirm the article deadline. The final submission package should include the full-text article and image files as well as additional forms that are available in the sidebar so we can process payment to you.

Full-Text Article

The article should be fully translated into English and edited within the word counts noted above. The ICH Courier’s editorial staff will review the submission to help ensure that the article adheres to our preferred house style and returned to the contributor for final review.

Image Files

Submit between five and ten image files with your article. The images should large enough to fit on an A4 page size while maintaining a minimum effective resolution of 300 dpi. We accept most file types, including jpg, .jpeg, .png, .ai, .psd, and .tiff. We can also accept camera raw files for most commercial formats.

Image Captions and Media Form

For the images, please complete and submit an image caption and media form and include copyright information. Since we also publish the articles online and supplement them with online media (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), please also include links to any online media that you would like to share. You can download the form here

Remittance Form

Since we provide an honorarium for published articles, please complete and submit the remittance form, so we can properly transfer funds to you.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts and other files can be submitted to