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Information on Living Intangible Heritage Now Available Online

The ICHCAP e-Knowledge Center offers a range of new contents ranging from materials produced by ICHCAP and collections donated by organizations and experts in the Asia-Pacific region. Some of the new resources include Cultural Sounds: The Spirit of Vietnam, a set of audio recordings related to the lifestyles, ceremonies, and religion of ethnic minorities in Vietnam; Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bhutan, introductory books on approximately 300 elements of intangible heritage across 16 regions in Bhutan; Music for Peace: Folk Music of Bengal, a musical collection from India’s Banglanatak dot com, a social enterprise engaged in activities to consolidate the capabilities of communities in traditional arts; and Asia, Land of Light and Sound, a production based on the catalogue and CD data of the eponymous 2005 exhibition held in Seoul, Republic of Korea  by Kim, Soo-nam and Choi, Sang-il.

Since 2014, the ICHCAP e-Knowledge Center has sought to create a space for intangible heritage resources and ensure access to various information for everyone. Other resources added to the e-Knowledge Center this year are

  • Traditional Knowledge and Wisdom: Themes from the Pacific Islands
  • IP Issues in the Process of ICH Information Building & Sharing
  • Melodies from Uzbekistan
  • Tug-of-War in Asia
  • Cultural Partnership Initiative Projects
  • Mongolia-ICHCAP Cooperative Projects
  • Safeguarding Pioneers

These precious collections could have not been offered online without the support Banglanatak dot com, the families of the late Kim, Soo-nam and MBC producer Choi, Sang-il and our collaborative partners of the Asia-Pacific region.

To enhance accessibility to ICH, ICHCAP will continue to present online digitized resources. Visit ichcap.org/eng/ek/ to access the e-Knowledge Center.

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