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Five Asia-Pacific NGOs Selected as Partners for Project PINA

In December, ICHCAP will publish a collection of case studies on the ICH safeguarding activities of Asia-Pacific NGOs. This project was launched as part of the Project for Promoting ICH Safeguarding Activities of NGOs in the Asia-Pacific Region (Project PINA), which aims to share information on NGOs‘ ICH safeguarding activities and encourage their activities in the field. This year, the project is being run in partnership with five Asia-Pacific NGOs from different sub-regions.

Over the last few years, ICHCAP has provided opportunities to discuss the role of NGOs at the meetings, such as the Network Building Information Meeting for UNESCO-Accredited NGOs. Project PINA is designed as part of ICHCAP’s efforts to enhance visibility and public awareness about Asia-Pacific NGOs and their contributions to ICH safeguarding, by disseminating information on NGOs active in the region. To this end, ICHCAP received numerous recommendations from UNESCO National Commissions and culture agencies in the Asia-Pacific region since April and selected five NGOs that best align with sustainable development goals.

NGOs selected for the project will share their ICH safeguarding activities with a particular emphasis on sustainable development and community involvement. The collection of their cases will be disseminated both online and offline later this year to let the people around the world better know about Asia-Pacific NGOs and their contributions to ICH safeguarding. ICHCAP also expects that their stories will inspire other ICH NGOs of today and tomorrow.

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