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Festival of Pacific Arts: A Unified Voice of the Pacific

The 12th Festival of Pacific Arts (FESTPAC), the largest event celebrating the cultures and arts of the Pacific islands, is taking place this summer in Guam for two weeks from 22 May to 4 June.

First held in 1972, the Festival of Pacific Arts takes place every four years. About 2,500 people related to culture and the arts, including as artists, creators, community leaders, and public officials, from twenty-seven participating islands will gather in Guam to share their traditional cultures. Under the theme “What we own, what we have, what we share, united voices of the Pacific,” this year’s FESTPAC is promoting cultural diversity.

Coinciding with the festival are a conference and forum related to culture and arts. The Indigenous Language Conference is scheduled to take place on 27 and 28 May to highlight and promote the importance of preserving and restoring endangered indigenous languages. In Guam, along with the recent designation of Chamorro Heritage Day, there have been campaigns to promote the use of their native Chamorro language. The conference will be a good opportunity to discuss the future and sustainability of traditional languages.

The Forum on the Culture, Arts and Sustainable Development in the Pacific will be held from 30 May to 1 June to provide participants an opportunity to share data on the trends in international and regional policies related to culture and the arts. ICHCAP will participate as a panel member in the forum, which is co-hosted by UNESCO, the FESTPAC organizing committee, and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and sponsored by the Pacific Island Museum Association. For further information on the event schedule and details, please visit the festival website.

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